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Conversational Engineer


Department: Services - Location: Los Angeles / Remote

IV.AI is looking for smart application engineers to join and help build conversational interfaces for our growing list of clients. The ideal candidate will be very interested in building conversational products and will be directly using different NLP tools to design bot applications that are smart and user friendly. They should also be comfortable working within a team of smart engineers with tight deadlines. We value people who are able to work collaboratively in a distributed team and who are excited about the potential of machine learning.

Great engineers come from different backgrounds: some are educated and some are self taught. We’re a team of engineers that embodies this: so we’re not necessarily looking for a CS Masters or a PhD… what we are looking for is someone who cares about shipping great code and can work diligently while tackling problems in the most well considered and efficient manor possible.

If you have the following experience, then we’d love to hear from you:


  • 3+ years experience in Software Development
  • 2+ years experience writing code in Node/TypeScript

Preferred Experience

  • Experience building atomic/modular code bases
  • Experience with managing production apps on Heroku (or other paas)
  • Data modelling experience (whether SQL schema, GraphQL types, MongoDB, etc)
  • Some form of front end experience is a plus (could be AngularJS, React Native, React, etc)
  • Go and/or Python experience a plus
  • Examples of shipping production level code
  • API design experience


  • Work with internal tools and SDKs to build conversational interfaces on a variety of platforms (Messenger Bots, Amazon Skills, Google Actions, etc)
  • Write clean and concise code that is easily handed over to other team members
  • Work with project managers to determine build time and deliver builds on time and within budget
  • Work with Head of Technical Services, project managers and clients to understand what is technically feasible
  • Work with Head of Technical Services and Head of Machine Learning to specify any ML APIs that might be needed for client build
  • Improve and maintain internal libraries and APIs that are consistent across all our conversational builds
  • Devise testing strategies
  • Develop codebase to make it more scalable

We are…


We’re trying to help everyone become better informed by using machine learning - whether it’s a model that makes sense of noisy social media data, a voice-powered interface, or a conversational interface, we want to help others make more informed decisions by using AI.


Our inclusive culture values people regardless of their background, education, or upbringing. In order to train machines to act appropriately we need to be representative of the entire population. AI is only as good as the teams working on it and the training it receives.


You should expect hard challenges working with our tier 1 client list. In just 3 years we have built a scalable platform with 1000s of AI solutions for Fortune 500 companies including Sony, Netflix, Time Warner, Fox, Capital One, Estée Lauder, to name a few.


Being professional and respectful of our clients is of the utmost importance. We work with blue chip clients and we sometimes work with very sensitive data.


Our employees are constantly problem solving and assessing their own output to maximize delivery. It’s important that our team is always looking for the best way of addressing problems so we can manage customer expectations.


We never try to write more code than is necessary for a task. We modularize and systemize everything. Concurrency is important to us and simple solutions always win. We work together to determine best practices / processes, and to stick to them. We believe that no challenge is too hard.


We’re still young. Expect that you’ll be part of a core team, able to have a say in the future of the company. Also expect that the senior team have no problem being challenged: they love to listen.

Who you should be...

You should love to build things and be excited about AI. You should be smart but always willing to learn. You’ll be able to accept your own limitations and be honest that nobody knows everything, anybody is able to ask for support. You will always be looking for solutions that can speed up workflows. Efficiency is at the top of your mind. You like doing things the “right” way, but are pragmatic when you have a deadline.