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IV.AI is a team of AI experts that enable you with the industry-leading AI platform. Add an AI layer to your analytics, contact center, sales, social, data science, or ML teams to deliver the highest possible performing AI with human-readable insights and tools that inform logic while reducing human bias

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The world's leading businesses use IV.AI for social insights, customer care analytics, automation, CRM, sales, SEO, and recommendation engines to automate action

IV.AI's team of experts help you build an AI strategy based on billions of data points so you can drive change, reduce cost, and hit your KPIs

Explore AI outputs written in simple human language that make it easy to understand where you should focus within the complexity of your business

See your data using customizable smart tables and maliable stats that tell stories based on reality, helping you make connections quickly


Become an AI Expert and save money by deploying one of IV.AI's easy to use Solutions that can reduce cost by 50% in YR1 or increase revenue by 32X in 6 weeks

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See why the world's leading brands love IV.AI's Platform for driving revenue, servicing customers, and reducing cost.

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Because AI can help expose truth inside messy data sets, it’s possible for algorithms to help us better understand bias we haven’t already isolated

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IV.AI makes it easy for every company to become an AI company or refine their current AI to drive more meaningful business results. Get in touch to see more success metrics, play with live AI you can test, and let the experienced team help inform a bulletproof strategy.

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