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Learn what you don't know by accessing new data sources via The AI Platform from panels, social graphs, documents, and 100s of other platforms.

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Welcome to the industry leading AI platform that validates signals and showcases the reality of activity in noisy spaces across the public internet, large scale panels, documents, social graphs, and bots.

Disruptors, red flags, anomalies, and trends are changing every second, IV.AI combines insights from the public internet and large scale panels with validated documents so you find critical insights when you need them.

Training Modules

Great AI requires great model training and IV.AI takes every precaution necessary to ensure that the your insights or the data you receive has the highest accuracy.

CRM Platform

An easy to use and intuitive AI that makes your CRM smarter and simplifies content updates, team workflow sharing, and approvals. Non-technical teams can modify their own AI with a framework robust enough to scale up to billions of records, localized to all the major global languages, and ingest into most major CRMs.

Analytics Engine

Showcasing all the insights from every concept and conversation to drive recommendations, segmentation, automation, and validation. The AI Platform also delivers data via APIs and human-readable insights, enabling your team to search the AI or simply ingest classified data directly into your workflow. The insights are available in each local language to increase performance for global markets.

Complex AI... simple interface

Get specific up to the minute data-driven insights that increase knowledge.

The AI Platform gives you access to highly refined Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, a dashboard that enables input from non-technical colleagues, and robust APIs that enable seamless data collection. The product helps teams isolate problem areas that need to be considered in unstructured data and automate insights that drive growth.

Use IV.AI's billions of data points or ingest your own unstructured datasets with valuable classified data to increase model performance and achieve desired business outcomes

Breakdown key metrics into their components to get a live understanding of changes inside of unstructured data. See the insights in the platform or receive notifications with important updates.

Framework for Success

IV.AI outperforms other AI approaches in one-to-one tests because the NLP has been trained on billions of engagements from the world's largest companies. Additionally, the NLP engine learns in the live environment having managed live conversations with +250 users per second.

Customer Segmentation

IV.AI’s platform provides customer insights and monitors movements in trends such as anomalies, evolving customer segments, predicting customer behavior, and ensemble bias reduction. The AI platform informs the strategies that increase performance by supplementing traditional approaches with better segmented data.

AI Success Rate

AI is only as good as the training it receives and IV.AI has the industry leading success metric of 96% automation as announced at F8 in 2017. The success rate is a testimate to teams of executives that are tackling complex challenges that only AI can solve.


Data without friction

The AI platform and datasets blend seamlessly with historical approaches to add measurable value without friction.

Average Time Reduction
Automation Rate Level
Accuracy Rate Improvement

Business Insights

Disruptors, red flags, anomalies, and trends are changing everyday. IV.AI combines insights from the noisy public internet with validated documents so you never miss out and can find critical insights when you need them.


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IV.AI makes it easy for organizations to use highly accurate AI and manage the new scale of natural language processing data. Get in touch to see the platform and meet the experts.

Francisco Brito
Chief Data Officer