AI-powered insights and tools from IV.AI help companies make informed decisions with high-quality data alongside an NLP console that makes the most of AI.

Complex AI... simple interface

Get specific up to the minute data-driven insights that increase knowledge.

The AI Platform gives you access to highly refined Natural Language Processing (NLP) models, a dashboard that enables input from non-technical colleagues, and robust APIs that enable seamless data collection. The product helps teams isolate problem areas that need to be considered in unstructured data and automate insights that drive growth.

Use IV.AI's billions of data points or ingest your own unstructured datasets with valuable classified data to increase model performance and achieve desired business outcomes

Breakdown key metrics into their components to get a live understanding of changes inside of unstructured data. See the insights in the platform or receive notifications with important updates.

Dig deep

Delve into individual journeys or narratives to validate the logic your AI is presenting. Quickly get an understanding of the data attributes associated with the concepts and inspect the insights that affect their habits.

Explore the IV.AI session analyzer to help understand the different sets of logic your AI is seeing.

Get a read on important signals at scale by exploring the inspiring ways your AI learns unstructured data and validates insights.

Granular security and privacy controls are made clear for leaders who want to ensure best-in-class data ethics and management.

Cluster and compare

Learn from the clusters of information in your unstructured datasets to get a better understanding of where you need to focus via IV.AI's proprietary Magnet model.

Use smart visualizations to cross-compare your datasets to complimentary market data for valuable insights.

Filter in or out of unruly data using a powerful faceting system that helps you ask important questions anytime you'd like.

Dive into your AI

The world's leading executives use IV.AI for unstructured data, panels, social insights, analytics, automation, market signals, and document analysis

Speak with one of our AI experts to help you get the right insights and strategy based on billions of data points that drive change and hit targets

Explore AI outputs written in simple human language that make it easy to understand where you should focus within the complexity of noisy data

See your data using customizable smart tables and maliable views that tell stories based on reality, helping you make connections quickly


Clusters information based on where it lives in the conceptual space to inspire enlightened actions


An AI layer that provides context to unstructured data so you can combine multiple sources of truth


Funding elaborate AI integrations from cost centers to reduce risk and learn about the value of unstructured data long the way


Instantly alerting leaders of unknown concepts or important changes that are relevant to their business, vertical, or research initiatives


Communicates the right thing to the right person when they are looking for references to make an informed decision


Automate costly audio channels such as phone and video by analyzing signals and resolving customers needs

What does IV.AI do for you?

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John Martin
Chief Technology Officer