The IV.AI Platform

IV.AI has crafted a proprietary AI platform leveraging an agile, modular approach. This means that our AI is easily adapted and customized for multiple business needs. This is how some of our current tools add value:

Customer Service

IV.AI's proprietary AI engine that plugs into all major CRM and customer management systems to add a layer of 'smarts' that understands needs and automates processes that don't require human intervention.

Conversational Commerce

A powerful context-aware conversational interface that enables a customer to discover, understand, purchase, and stay connected with the brands they love.

Predictive Analytics

Managing messaging using our AI language understanding so you can ensure you're delivering the right message to the right customer

Customer Profiles

Understanding the intent of your audience is now easier than ever with emotional analytics that predict needs against segments

AI Analytics

A plug-and-play AI model that understands business logic to offer insights into the elements that drive the most engagement. Now curious business executives can test assumptions, explore options, and drive optimization.

Cost Savings

This optimization engine is designed to reduce cost on inherited business logic with an easily implemented AI approach

What does The Platform do for you?

Easily construct a mixed-model machine learning API that utilizes our knowledge base alongside your big data. If you'd like to speak with a machine learning expert who can explain how IV.AI helps your enterprise build something impactful with AI, please leave our email and we will reach out to you.

John Martin
Chief Technology Officer