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Get a contextual understanding of how ideas and conversations are moving across the internet, panels, social, documents, and first party data with The AI Platform from IV.AI.

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Welcome to The AI Platform that offers actual point-in-time insights and the core truths that exist in unstructured data. The AI Platform's Semantic Analytics Add-on hooks into confusing data from blogs, panels, chat, news, podcasts, marketing messaging, CX, video, and social.

IV.AI has been trained in +150 languages to make sense of tricky data analysis problems for global companies including Toyota, Phizer, Netflix, Facebook, Time Warner, Capital One, +100s of other valued partners. IV.AI models are trained in the local language to understand information graphs and concepts to generate high-quality data sets and human readable insights that reduce cost and increase AI performance.

Cluster and compare

Learn from the clusters of information in your unstructured datasets to get a better understanding of where you need to focus via IV.AI's proprietary Magnet model.

Use smart visualizations to cross-compare your datasets to complimentary market data for valuable insights.

Filter in or out of unruly data using a powerful faceting system that helps you ask important questions anytime you'd like.

Anomaly Detection

IV.AI's proprietary AI finds concepts inside datasets that are important and out of the ordinary. IV.AI's Anomaly Detection offers deep insights that are imperative to understanding the shape of the past or staying informed in the present and live environment. The tool finds insights in 150 human languages to help global teams manage local challenges.

NLP Driven Personas

IV.AI's advanced linguistic insights platform identifies and categorizes concepts, individuals, and industries into cohorts that help make sense of noisy spaces. This drives a deeper understanding of public discourse or various concepts across channels and ensures that organizations are able to make the most of all the data available in every language.

Analytics Engine

Showcasing all the insights from every concept and conversation to drive recommendations, segmentation, automation, and validation. The AI Platform also delivers data via APIs and human-readable insights, enabling your team to search the AI or simply ingest classified data directly into your workflow. The insights are available in each local language to increase performance for global markets.

Semantic Analytics with AI

IV.AI has developed advanced tools that understand intent, monitor, and analyze language data from social media and other public sources on the web. This focussed approach offers real insights that are actionable so that we can all make more informed decisions.

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IV.AI makes it easy for organizations to use highly accurate AI and manage the new scale of natural language processing data. Get in touch to see the platform and meet the experts.

Francisco Brito
Chief Data Officer