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Transform the way you understand business signals from customers, contractors, employees, trends, and complimentary data sources to make better decisions.

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Welcome to The AI Platform that helps you better engage your targets, reduce cost, and predict revenue.

The IV.AI Platform helps you to understand business strategies as a collective and compare market signals that reduce data silos and unknowns.

Product Index

The IV.AI platform works with both public data from the market and competitors alongside internal knowledge bases to quantify the qualitative insights to offer 'smart' market insights.

CRM Platform

An easy to use and intuitive AI that makes your CRM smarter and simplifies content updates, team workflow sharing, and approvals. Non-technical teams can modify their own AI with a framework robust enough to scale up to billions of records, localized to all the major global languages, and ingest into most major CRMs.

Analytics Engine

Showcasing all the insights from every concept and conversation to drive recommendations, segmentation, automation, and validation. The AI Platform also delivers data via APIs and human-readable insights, enabling your team to search the AI or simply ingest classified data directly into your workflow. The insights are available in each local language to increase performance for global markets.

Dig deep

Delve into individual journeys or narratives to validate the logic your AI is presenting. Quickly get an understanding of the data attributes associated with the concepts and inspect the insights that affect their habits.

Explore the IV.AI session analyzer to help understand the different sets of logic your AI is seeing.

Get a read on important signals at scale by exploring the inspiring ways your AI learns unstructured data and validates insights.

Granular security and privacy controls are made clear for leaders who want to ensure best-in-class data ethics and management.

Live Learning

A context-aware conversational interface enables you to discover, change, rearrange, purchase, question, and stay connected to changes in the market as it move. Each customer offers a unique signal The AI Platform can interpret.

Learning the Market

How do we manage all the growing signals with enough knowledge to make informed decisions without spending all of our time analysing the data? The IV.AI platform obsesses over the data for you while showcasing the important insights to ensure a deeper understanding of market signal while navigating daily challenges.


AI Insights

The AI Platform from IV.AI comes with a team of machine learning engineers and customer success managers to ensure your AI solves real challenges with meaningful numbers. Well constructed AI doesn't actually cost your business money, it finds insights and automates processes that optimize decision making. Increasing insights and returns without generating new expenses and complexity.

Ave. conversion rate increases with IV.AI
Increase in customer retention
Stores increasing revenue via IV.AI

Timing is everything

As with all meaningful data timing plays a vital role to quality. The historical data enables teams to validate the insight against known market dynamics and the live data reduces risk of knowns the market sees but haven't yet hit traditional data sources.


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IV.AI makes it easy for organizations to use highly accurate AI and manage the new scale of natural language processing data. Get in touch to see the platform and meet the experts.

Francisco Brito
Chief Data Officer