Conversational Commerce

Welcome to The AI Platform that helps your business better engage your customers and drive more revenue. The team at IV.AI will work closely with your team to understand your business objectives and offer an end-to-end integration process that is proven to drive increases in revenue without creating increases in hassle. The team has helped increase orders from 5X to 32X for businesses by better utilizing SMS, chat, email, voice, and social. Make your customers lives easier while driving more revenue and better understanding the marketplace via AI.

[Conversational Commerce]

Conversational Product Index

IV.AI integration engineers work closely with your knowledge bases and product APIs to manage the important information and construct a seamless 'smart' product index.

CMS Platform

An easy to use and intuitive CMS that simplifies content updates, team workflow sharing, and approvals. Non-technical teams can modify the customer experience live with a framework robust enough to scale up to tens of millions of conversations per channel per day in +150 languages.

Analytics Engine

Showcasing all the conversations and insights from every customer, automation, or live agent engagement. The AI Platform keeps businesses informed from one single view that delivers the highlights and helps navigate entire segments or unique conversations at any time via desktop or the easy to navigate mobile view.

Commerce re-invented for the conversational generation

A context-aware conversational interface enables a customer to discover, change, rearrange, purchase, question, and stay connected through repeat purchases with the products they love and the brands they grow to love. Each customer is unique and requires the right amount of focused attention that only The AI Platform can provide. From intuitive suggestions to streamlined follow-ups. IV.AI help you achieve your revenue targets with AI that does the heavy lifting.

Learning in a fragmented environment

One of the biggest challenges for brands is the same challenge that applies to AI. How do we manage all the growing signals with enough knowledge to make informed decisions without spending all of our time obsessing over the problem? The IV.AI platform obsesses over the data and showcases the important insights to internal decision makers to ensure ultimate knowledge for navigate daily challenges. Insights are inspired by your AI strategy that we help you craft in the discovery phase.


AI helpers aren't just for customers

The AI Platform from IV.AI comes with a team of machine learning engineers and customer success managers to ensure your AI solves real challenges with meaningful numbers. Well constructed AI doesn't actually cost your business money. It finds insights and automates processes that drive revenue via current and new channels. Increasing reach and return without generating expense and complexity.

Ave. conversion rate increases with IV.AI
Increase in customer retention
Stores increasing revenue via IV.AI

Timing is everything

As with all meaningful connections timing plays a vital role in building the relationship. The cost and expense of managing every customer with a sales agent to consider the timing of outreach and follow-up for every engagement simply isn't possible. The AI Platform is always learning the cadence of your best relationships and applying the learning to new opportunities in order to inform your messaging strategy based on all of the opportunity.


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Francisco Brito
Chief Product Officer