Cannes Lions

The concierge, the language model, and the dashboard

Cannes Lions is the global benchmark for the advertising, marketing and creative industries and has been for 65 years. It is the most prestigious and well-respected awards and networking event and to win a Cannes Lion is a career-making badge of honor.

Cannes Lions Head of Product came to us to see if we could help their 15,000 event attendees (including CEO, CMOs and Founders of Fortune 500 companies) navigate the 2017 festival. They wanted attendees to be able to curate events, build a schedule, navigate Cannes and the surrounding area to find bars, restaurants, and hotels, and finally to answer important questions that they had around the event.

IV.AI's solution was an AI-powered digital concierge

The frontend was a Messenger bot that allowed them to:

  1. Search for talks by speaker, subject matter, location or category
  2. Find the location of any talk and be able to navigate there both outside and inside of venues
  3. Set reminders and notifications for talks that they wanted to attend
  4. Find recommended bars and restaurants in Cannes and the surrounding area and navigate there
  5. Ask any question relating to the Cannes Lion event and receive an instant answer

At the backend IV.AI built:

  1. Built an AI search index to make sense of all of the data points for each individual talk or event happening at Cannes Lions
  2. Customized our AI NLP platform to understand and respond to user questions about the event and the surrounding area
  3. A Conversational model that understood the context of the users' input at any point and was able to differentiate between intents relating to specifically to talks and broader questions about the event
  4. Analytics to understand each input form the user

Cannes Lions received fantastic feedback and an incredible level of engagement with an average of 44.9 interactions per user.


So when it came to the 2018 Cannes Lions Festival they were keen to work with us again. This time they wanted to know how they could find a better way of setting the agenda for the creative industry and for future events.

IV.AI's solution was in two main areas, the talks happening on stage and the talk coming from attendees ie. what were people saying on social and how could we make sense of that an turn it into meaningful insights...

IV.AI's solution was a powerful language model and dashboard

For the talks on stage we:

  1. Transcribed each of the talks from videos and extracted the language data for over 15,000 minutes of content
  2. Matched the language data with the metadata for each talk to create a searchable set of language data with second by second timestamps
  3. Then we used an adapted AI model to extract the concepts of what the key themes were from each talk
  4. From this, we were able to determine on both a macro and micro level what the key themes and topics that were being discussed on stage were

We did a similar exercise with social but without the transcription and with additional historical data to give more context to the live data coming through:

  1. Analyzed three years of social data with our Deep Social Listening platform
  2. Looked at the shift in concepts and themes being talked about and what the signals were around them, for example, we saw that social discussion around diversity had increased 1,677% over a two year period
  3. Compared and conducted cluster analysis on historical and live data coming through social channels

IV.AI provided Cannes Lions with a complete picture of the 2019 festival's major concepts, allowing them to set an informed agenda for the 2019 event and the industry.

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Francisco Brito
Chief Product Officer