Customer service automation via email

Flashlight is an easy-to-use AI tool for automating emails. By simply sharing an API key from your CRM or just signing into your IV.AI dashboard you can automate 70% of customer service inquiries.

Add Flashlight to your Salesforce, Zendesk, or any other major CRM to reduce the time it takes to respond to emails, increase your NPS or CSAT scores, reduce churn by automating mundane tasks.

automation of customer service inquiries on average
average percentage of emails identified by the AI
average cost savings in month one by SME users

Want to Flashlight in action?

Flashlight is an AI tool for SME to automate conversations with your customers via email. Talk to one of our talented machine learning sales engineers to you how you can achieve 70% automation on your customer service problems.

Ferdinand Piano
Head of APAC