Recommendations based on your emotions.

IV.AI is working with Netflix to allow users to find content based on their mood and emotional state as expressed through Emoji’s. IV.AI and Netflix created a mechanic for giving users more relevant content to engage them reacting to the emoji that they input. Launched simultaneously in 59 territories, and delivering over 1M engagements in the first 24 hours at a peak of 250 messages per second.

Territories in 32 languages globally
Engagements in the first 24 hours
Messages received per second
More engagements vs all other social posts

By leveraging IV.AI’s language understanding platform, Netflix was able to interpret emotional input from the user and return recommendations to watch, save for later, or remove content they no longer want to see. For the first time ever Netflix users are able to curate discovery in a conversational environment so they can share with friends and drive collaborative discovery via Extensions in chat.

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Neil Stubbings
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