A free generative model from IV.AI that writes creative from tweets, books, and social media

IV.AI has built many language generation models over the years. Originally these models were created for the purposes of showing how AI learns concepts and creates new ideas. The main use case was traditionally promotional marketing bots to explore character traits from popular culture for entertainment companies.

The millions of users that engaged with the AI for entertainment created a refined model that was getting really good at isolating unique and interesting concepts from training data. The model was so popular that we started offering it to all clients as a free service to help inspire interesting ideas or highlight personality traits from existing brand messages, customer service FAQs, and social media posts.

This is that model and it's free for all IV.AI clients. It's called Pencil, it's an incredibly smart AI that learns language and then generates new ideas that can be insightful, elegant, random, or inspiring. See how it works for yourself by clicking the button to play with the live AI trained on Shakespeare, Genesis, and Trump tweets. Every time you refresh the page the AI will generate completely unique content, created for the first time ever, based on how and when you chose to run it.

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  • Feb '16: IV.AI creates Red Queen plays 10M games
  • Apr '16: CEO generates Gary Barlow lyrics for Advertising Week
  • Mar '17: AI named 'Pencil' and creates The AI Drinking Game at SXSW
  • Oct '17: Writes new Bible for Venture Beat article on AI religion
  • Jan '18: Offered as a free service to all IV.AI clients

Get in touch if you'd like to access IV.AI Pencil. Not to be used in a live environment this tool is used for creative inspiration, topic clustering, or offline research.

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Neil Stubbings
Chief Revenue Officer