20th Century Fox

Brand relaunch using AI

IV.AI was asked by Fox to help reignite fan interest in Prison Break after a 7 year hiatus. The team created an automated game on Messenger that played to fan nostalgia and generate micro viral loops to drive social sharing and tune-in.

The campaign performed better than expectations and 5 million users spent +7 minutes on average engaging with the bot even though the bot was designed to hold attention for 2 minutes. After spinning up many more servers to deal with the traffic we were able to isolate the cause of the prolonged engagement.

Fans were spending prolonged amounts of time with the experience and inviting friends in an attempted to land a place on the leader board. The live AI worked to enable and refine nostalgia triggers optimizing messaging and building the large audience via small targeted groups

total global engagements with the bot
users interacting with bot a second

The bot was incredibly popular driving 5 million live games and managed live conversations with +33 users per second while answering FAQs.

Prison Break example

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Francisco Brito
Chief Product Officer