Fundamental Analysis

Enhance the insights available to your research and analysis of business sectors via The AI Platform.

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Buyers move quickly and leave trails of insight across the internet that is valuable to decision makers. Understanding market signals means accessing unstructured linguistic data that is too vast for human teams to manage manually.

Transform the way your teams access data and improve model performance with industry specific insights.

Product Index

IV.AI integration engineers work closely with your knowledge bases and product availability to manage the important information and construct a seamless 'smart' product index.

AI Search

An easy to use and intuitive AI Search simplifies discovery and helps non-technical teams engage with the AI, start new model trainings, and reduce the time it takes to dig through dense feeds and documents.

Analytics Engine

Showcasing all the insights from customer cohorts or business sector engagements that drive market shifts. The AI Platform keeps you informed with helpful notifications or a single view that delivers the highlights and helps navigate insights at any time via desktop or easy to use mobile view.

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The world's leading executives use IV.AI for unstructured data, panels, social insights, analytics, automation, market signals, and document analysis

Speak with one of our AI experts to help you get the right insights and strategy based on billions of data points that drive change and hit targets

Explore AI outputs written in simple human language that make it easy to understand where you should focus within the complexity of noisy data

See your data using customizable smart tables and maliable views that tell stories based on reality, helping you make connections quickly

Re-inventing data analysis

A context-aware interface enables you to discover, question, and stay connected as market shifts happen. From intuitive suggestions to streamlined follow-ups. IV.AI helps you achieve targets with AI that saves you time.

Learning in a fragmented environment

One of the biggest challenges that applies to decision makers is the same challenge that applies to AI; how do we manage all the signals quickly while considring our human bias that impacts decisions?

The IV.AI team obsesses over the data and uses multiple human touchpoints along the data journey to help reduce human bias. We showcase the important insights to internal and external decision makers to ensure ultimate knowledge management, bias reduction practices, and updating strategies daily to navigate noise generating market shifts.

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AI helpers aren't just for customers

The AI Platform from IV.AI comes with a team of machine learning engineers and customer success managers to ensure your AI solves real challenges with meaningful numbers. Well constructed AI doesn't actually cost your business mone, it finds insights and automates processes that drive results that are proven to save time and increase accuracy.

Ave. conversion rate increases with IV.AI
Increase in customer retention
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Timing is everything

As with all meaningful connections timing plays a vital role in building the relationship. The cost and expense of managing every customer with a sales agent to consider the timing of outreach and follow-up for every engagement simply isn't possible. The AI Platform is always learning the cadence of your best relationships and applying the learning to new opportunities in order to inform your messaging strategy based on all of the opportunity.

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IV.AI makes it easy for organizations to use highly accurate AI and manage the new scale of natural language processing data. Get in touch to see the platform and meet the experts.

Francisco Brito
Chief Data Officer