Welcome to the industry leading AI platform that unlocks the value in business conversations across the public internet.

The AI Platform from IV.AI hooks into heritage products to add the benefits of AI for every engagement via voice, chat, social, and email.

IV.AI works in +150 languages with fundamental focuses and users including Toyota, Samsung, Netflix, Facebook, Time Warner, Capital One, and Walmart.

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Training Modules

Good AI requires great training and IV.AI takes every precaution necessary to ensure that your insights have the highest accuracy. This all starts with great training modules. An offline environment used to tag, test, and tweak the AI so you can learn from highly accurate analytics.

CRM Platform

An easy to use and intuitive AI that makes your CRM smarter and simplifies content updates, team workflow sharing, and approvals. Non-technical teams can modify their own AI with a framework robust enough to scale up to billions of records, localized to all the major global languages.

Analytics Engine

Showcasing all the insights from every concept and narrative structure to drive recommendations, influential segmentation, automation, and validation. The AI Platform delivers data via APIs and can also keep you informed via human-readable insights, enabling teams to query the AI or simply ingest the data directly into your own workflow. The insights are available in each local language to increase performance for global markets.

Messaging Framework for Success

AI is only as good as it's training data which is why IV.AI outperforms competitors in one-to-one tests. IV's team of industry leading NLP focused data scientists have been enabled with billions of engagements from the world's largest companies. Additionally, the NLP engine has managed live conversations with spends of up to +250 users per second which has refined reinforcement learning techniques that scale to learn with the pace of the internet.

Customer Segmentation

IV.AI’s platform provides customer insights and monitors movements in trends such as anomalies, evolving customer segments, and predicting customer behavior, and ensemble bias reduction. The AI platform informs the strategies that increase performance by supplementing traditional approaches with better segmented data.

AI Success Rate

AI is only as good as the training it receives and IV.AI has the industry leading success metric of 96% automation. The success rate is a testimate to teams of executives that have identified a problem inside of their organization they are trying to rectify and teaming up with the right AI. The pairing of problem solving with deep understanding of the space will drive the results that move enterprises forward.


AI models for enterprise

More than 106,000 businesses rely on IV.AI’s team of AI engineers, strategists, and client success managers to help deliver cost reduction, business intelligence, and customer satisfaction. The AI product blends with historical infrastructure to add measurable value without friction. IV.AI superserve their customers who enjoy a scalable solution that has increased customer satisfaction scores from 1.6 to 4.8 and increased revenue by 15X while making it easy for all companies to become AI companies.

Average Handling Time reduction
Automation of customer care channels
Improvement in customer care scores

Lower Attrition Rate

Happier customers + happier employees. Monotonous tasks is one of the biggest reasons that employees leave their customer service careers. Agents feel they spend too much time on mundane routines and not enough time working on more important tasks. The AI Platform eliminates these repetitive tasks to improve employees’ morale and help them focus on tasks that offer more job satisfaction. This also improves overall company performance as employees become enthusiastic about working for a company that embraces technological advancements.


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IV.AI makes it easy for every organization to benefit from AI to drive more meaningful insights. Get in touch to see more success metrics, play with live data you can test, and let the experienced team inspire your scalable AI journey.

Francisco Brito
Chief Product Officer