Semantic Analytics

Welcome to the product that offers actual insights from internet and social media data that goes beyond statistics of keywords and hashtags. The AI Platform's Semantic Analytics Add-on hooks into confusing data from blogs, chat, news, podcasts, marketing messaging, video, and social data. The AI has been trained in +150 languages globally to make sense of tricky language understanding problems for companies including Toyota, Aeromexico, Netflix, Facebook, Time Warner, and Capital One.

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Anomaly Detection

IV.AI have developed models which can linguistically know when concepts inside of datasets are out of the ordinary. IV.AI's Anomaly Detection offers deep insights that are imperative to understanding the shape of the past or staying informed in the present and live environment. 

NLP Driven Personas

IV.AI uses advanced linguistic techniques to identify and categorize customers into cohorts and store all the data back to any CRM. This helps drive deeper understanding of the customer across every channel and ensures businesses are able to make the most of all the data available.

Analytics Engine

Showcasing all the insights from every customer touch point, automation, or live engagement. The AI Platform keeps businesses informed from one single view that delivers the highlights and helps navigate entire segments or unique conversations at any time via desktop or the easy to navigate mobile view.

Semantic Analytics with AI

IV.AI has developed advanced tools that understand intent, monitor, and analyze language data from social media and other public sources on the web. This focussed approach offers real insights that are actionable so that we can all make more informed decisions.

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Francisco Brito
Chief Product Officer